Vicieux & Délicieux

On a beautiful October day in 2018, three young whippersnappers Eric, Mike and Jeff decided to put aside their respective Blink-182 and Green Day tribute bands to start a band of original compositions. The apple never falls far from the tree, as the saying goes, because to the great surprise of no one, the compositions are really influenced by californian pop punk but in French.

The chemistry of the three little boys was already established through years of performing and sharing the stage together. In no time at all, 13 songs were born and the little Vicious entered the studio in February 2019 for the recording of Ça sonne pas la marde!, their first album. Music videos, shows, festivals, photo shoots, ambiguous manager, Vicieux & Délicieux was living a fairy tale when suddenly the Covid appeared in March 2020 and everything stopped. A hard blow for the Vicious and even more to their manager, Jay Despiasses.

Despite health restrictions, the three young men worked on composing new songs from a distance. When the restrictions were lifted, a question arose, should we continue to promote the album, two years after its release, or should we focus on recording the second album? With a small pang in the heart Vicieux & Délicieux put the promotion of their first album aside and decided to produce the second.

In May 2021, les petits Vicieux had a life-changing encounter with Martin Brunet, a producer/sound engineer who pushed les petits Vicieux to the limit to produce an excellent album of 15 superb songs which was released in July 2022 under the banner of AnglerFish Records: A rocking number 2! Still under the influence of Californian pop punk, he brings a little more maturity to the group with more serious subjects and we can notice the French / English mix in the songs which gives a different style from the first.

What does the future hold for Vicious & Delicious? International career? Become more popular than Celine? Surely not… but doing shows with their new Roadie Stéeve Simard across Quebec and even further would be a more than likely thing for this young trio of good friends.