About Anglerfish Records

About us

Anglerfish Records has been a dream, an idea that has been in the back of my head for a while. In 2022, after the pandemic, I thought it would be a good time to release the project. Since then, a couple of local shop owners, bookers, even my girlfriend started to believe in the project. Today, we are ready to direct the artists who put their thrust



We can help your band to have the best recording, mixing and mastering sessions. It can be a suggestion on who to reach with your experience and budget or coach you on what to do and in what order to achieve your goal.


The road are already traced. The venues who want to have live bands in their place are well known by a lot of artists already. We know those places, we deal with these places. Let us set your next tour and let you concentrate on the music without all the details of the tour.


In collaboration with various local shops, we can help you setup your merch booth with style while staying ethic.

Pins, patches & accessories

Most of the accessories we have to offer are handmade and easy to make in small batches. It gives you the opportunity to have a great variety of products and even to do special edition of a specific one.

Why we do that stuff