Welcome to Anglerfish Records

Anglerfish Records is an independent label located in Montreal. We are here to help emerging bands to reach a new crowd, tour and sell online.

David Berard, the owner of the brand, has been setting up gigs and promoting his own bands since the age of 16. Touring here and there around Quebec and Ontario, he learned with time how to do it properly and easily for everyone engaged in the process of planing a tour, would it be for the artist, the venues, hotels and other rental agencies, other bands sharing the stage with the artist and so on.

Time is evolving fast and the stage life as well. Things are not done like they were 10 or 20 years ago. Even for a “small local band”. With the accessibility of the web, there’s no excuse for anyone to not have a good representation on it. That’s why, at Anglerfish Records, we are here to coach our artists and help them to have the best exposure available online, would it be by the quality of their website, the easy access to their product in our shop or the administration of their social medias. If they don’t have time or skills to do it, we are willing to set it up for them. That’s how much we care for them.